Queens Points of Interest

Let’s start with the fact that Queens, New York is awesome! Now that we’ve got that out of the way, let’s cover some of the Queens points of interest that you may or may not know.

Queens, NY

Flushing Meadows Corona Park

Flushing Meadows Corona Park is the #1 point of interest in Queens. Situated between the Van Wyck Parkway and the Grand Central Parkway, this wide open park is the perfect place to hang out with your family and grill on a Saturday or Sunday afternoon. It has the Playground For All Children, literally called that, some water in the center called Meadow Lake, and plenty of green grass and trees to enjoy the view and fresh air. If you were looking for a place to bike ride or hangout and people watch, this is the Queens area park for you. Flushing Meadows Corona Park is also the home of the Queens Wildlife Conservation Center, numerous baseball fields, and the spot where they shot the movie Men In Black.

Citi Field

The 2nd Queens point of interest is Citi Field. It’s the home of a terrible baseball team known as the Mets, but it’s also a really fun time to sit in the stadium and watch them get their butts kicked. Visit Citi Field sometime and grab a seat under the overhang on the upper deck of the stadium. You’ll have a great view and be able to get some food and drinks delivered to you while you watch the Mets get destroyed by every other team in the MLB. I wouldn’t bother trying to take a car in and park in G Lot; you’re better off taking the train so you don’t get stuck in traffic.

US Open Tennis

Now, technically this is part of Corona Park, but who’s counting? In early September, you can visit Queens to watch the best tennis players in the world duke it out for the US Open at the USTA Billie Jean King National Tennis Center in Flushing, NY. If you want to watch tennis, this is the stadium to do it from. You’ll have a great court-side view as Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal fight for the title.

If you’d rather play some tennis instead of watching, come here and take some lessons. Or, bring a friend and grab a court. There are tons of open courts where you can hit tennis balls for hours. It’s the best tennis spot in Queens, or all of New York City for that matter.

Rockaway Beach

Rockaway Beach has to be near the top of the Queens points of interest list because it’s amazing! Rockaway is a 14 mile stretch of beaches that are completely free. Lifeguards are on duty from mid May through early September, so it’s a safe place to take your kids and go for a swim between the hours of 10 AM and 6 PM. Swimming isn’t technically allowed when lifeguards aren’t there, but people do it anyways all the time. The Rockaways are located in Southern Queens and they’re the perfect spot for swimming or surfing. Every time we get some of the famous Queens NY weather and a rainstorm, or a hurricane effect from the south, the waves become huge. The parks department shuts down the beach, but surfers go in the water anyways to ride the big waves with their wet-suits on.

Cunningham Park

After checking out the surf at the beach, head back to Cunningham Park for a nice walk through the grass, some great scenery, and some barbecued food. Families bring their kids and make it a day trip all the time. Grab a barbecue pit before they’re all gone and enjoy some hamburgers and hotdogs under the afternoon sun while the children play in the fields. This is a quiet, relaxing place for a picnic or even a bike ride.