About Us

Welcome to Wilderness Network of NYC! We’ve created a network of gay men and women who enjoy sports, hiking, traveling, and other outdoor activities in New York City, specifically Queens.

Bar Restaurant Kitchen Elmhurst, Queens NYC
Getting Some Food with the Group in Elmhurst, Queens – New York City

Why would we do that you ask? Well, gaining acceptance is not always easy. One day you’re a straight guy going to school with everyone else and it all seems normal. You’re playing football, hitting on cheerleaders, and everything is swell. The next day, you tell your best friend that you’re actually gay and everything changes. The accepting friend may understand, but many people don’t, so here we are. Forget about being tolerated. How about being supported instead?

Whether you’re bisexual, gay, or lesbian, you deserve to be happy and to have people who are interested in learning about and supporting you. We have all seen the “friends” and family who bail as soon as they learn the truth and that can be hard to take.

This network of gay women and men have all experienced what it’s like to come out of the closet. Coming out to your friends and family isn’t easy. We can support you during this time. If you already have and maybe lost some people you cared about along the way because of their lack of understanding, this is the group for you. You’ll meet other gay men and women who love to go out to eat and dine in the city, know all the best subway routes to get to Flushing or Manhattan fast, want to play sports and do other activities outdoors.

Queens NY Restaurant
Apartments and restaurants in Queens, NY

We’ve done so many cool trips. You up for hiking? How about some white water rafting? Yeah, that’s right, we do it all! Brooklyn’s got some kayaks near the bridge, Queens has all kinds of wide open fields like the ones at Corona Park if you want to play some catch with a baseball or start a kickball game. Maybe you want to eat some Chinese food in Flushing. Whatever you’re feeling, your new friends are here somewhere.

I can’t tell you how many lesbian and gay people have joined this group. It’s really awesome because the bigger it gets, the more pull we have with the NYC government to make real change. We had a float in the 2019 NYC Pride Parade – how cool is that? We’re hoping to have an even more impressive group next year. But you know what we need for that? More people! So, if you enjoy tasting the rainbow (LOL), join us! If you’re straight, wrong group for you at the moment.