Our primary means of communication is our newsletter, Trail Notes, which we publish around 9 times a year, as needed (no rigid schedule).  Trail Notes includes announcements of upcoming trips and articles about recent trips.  From time to time, we include information about events that WNC is not organizing but that might be interesting to our members—IGLOO events, for example.  We also announce WNG trips as requested.

Our trips are led or coordinated by volunteers from among our members.   A member who wants to lead a trip contacts our newsletter editor, who is a sort of de facto trip coordinator, to provide the information needed to announce the trip.  The editor then includes information about the trip in the next issue of the newsletter.  The newsletter will describe the general nature of the trip - day-hike, bicycling, skiing, for example—trip timing, and how to contact the trip leader for details and arrange to participate.

We do not have a formal trip-leader certification, although experienced trip leaders advise newer trip leaders as requested.  Consequently, trip participants have to know their own limits, and they have to be ultimately responsible for their own well-being.  We do count on trip leaders to offer reasonable information about the particular requirements of a particular trip—whether we need to carry water, whether we can rent skis.  When practical, trip leaders will also assist members in coordinating travel and obtaining necessary equipment for a trip.  For example, a canoe-trip leader can help two individuals connect so that they can jointly rent one canoe, rather than two, for the trip.  Trip leaders are in the ideal position to help members arrange a carpool to a trip starting point.

We generally have an annual meeting to take care of the purely business things that don’t resolve themselves otherwise.  We’re not all work and no play, though:  We try to include a short hike in the day, too.